Uber Chronicles: The Unconventional Life

What in the event you took on a gig-based work? What if you modified your lifestyle and earned money doing one thing you take pleasure in … spontaneously, freely, and on your time? That’s precisely what Jessie Newburn did. She decided to join the gig economy, working as an Uber driver.

In her e-book Uber Chronicles: Field Notes through the Front Seat she recounts stories of her drives and her consumers inside a way that makes you wonder why you haven’t quit your working day occupation yet.

In Uber Chronicles, Jessie tells stories of her Uber passengers as well as the rides they consider together. Each ride is unique, and each builds community and character in some way. What could happen to be merely a mundane daily task of a series of car trips became a colorful blog of today’s lifestyle, and eventually this ebook.

The book is distinctive and certainly entertaining, but what I liked very best about it was which the author took her everyday experiences and created a narrative of the unconventional lifestyle.

There’s anything for being said for predictability, but until you go ahead and take leap and go away it behind, you can in no way realize the joy of doing work on your time. You by no means realize what an adventure your occupation may be in the event you make it that way. Working inside the gig economy grows you as a particular person and shows the globe inside a new way.

I should know; I quit my work a year ago and have been operating as a freelancer inside the gig economy ever given that. I wasn’t as brave as Jessie; I was flung to the freelance world when my spouse decided to go to grad school overseas and I couldn’t get a operate visa. As being a freelancer, I discovered one thing positively delicious about Uber Chronicles. There’s nothing at all really like the freelance lifestyle; each day is surely an adventure, in the event you let it be.

You really don’t must be an Uber driver to own an unconventional daily life, and you really do not need to be a freelancer to create your job an adventure. If you think about it, many of us live an unconventional lifestyle in some way. You do not need to see your self as average! Uber Chronicles inspires me to see my daily life through the lens of adventure; a series of stories waiting to be told.

Read this book and be inspired to live your extremely very own unconventional life, no matter whether you perform 40 hours within an office or tag sharks or write for the living. While you will read in Uber Chronicles, your daily life can be a story waiting to become told by you in your personal way. Be inspired and live your life towards the fullest!

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